Sep 07, 2021Justinas Kavaliauskas
Vaping is, by far, the fastest way to feel the effects of delta 8 THC. Period. When you inhale, the active ingredients are absorbed within seconds through the complex network of capillaries that make up the lungs. Delta 8 enters the bloodstream swiftly and efficiently — bypassing first-pass liver metabolism entirely. Expect peak effects within about 20 minutes (often much less).


Our vape pens contain a whole lot more than just delta 8. The terpenes we’ve added to boost the flavor also contribute to its effect profile. Terpenes work synergistically alongside cannabinoids like delta 8 to make them stronger, longer-lasting, and much more versatile in what they can accomplish. Our Blue Dream vape pen boosts the creativity and focus-enhancing qualities of the delta 8 without compromising the rest of the benefits. Delta 8 with terpenes is always going to be stronger than delta 8 without terpenes.


We opted for ceramic heating elements because they heat up and cool down instantly. This means you can pull your pen out for a quick hit and put it back. There’s no waiting for the device to heat up before you can use it, and it’s cool enough to put back into your pocket immediately after you’re finished. The sleek design fits directly in your pocket or purse and isn’t going to draw any extra attention.

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