Do Delta-8 THC Vape Carts Expire?

Feb 03, 2022Pixel Union

If you have any kind of past experience with THC cannabis substances, then chances are good that at some point in your experience the potency was lost due to its degradation.

Just like any other substance or hemp-derived product, Delta-8 THC carts do expire and, when they do, they change color, smell, and consistency.

But what do they look like when they expire, and how can you know they aren’t consumable anymore? All your answers are in this full guide.


Do Delta-8 THC Carts Expire?

Delta-8 THC carts aren’t very subject to oxidation. This means that they usually last for long.

Apart from their endless benefits, their durability is one of the many advantages that make them an excellent choice.

Of course, they do eventually expire after one year or a little more, but you can extend their life by storing them in an airtight container. Also, keeping them away from direct sunlight is recommended to expand their validity.


Main Contributors to Delta-8 Carts Expiry

While the Delta-8 THC expiry date is about a year from the date of production, there are some elements that make it expire more quickly. Let’s elaborate more on this subject.

The Heat

Heat is probably the biggest enemy of Delta-8 vape cartridges. It degrades their potency and taste as well as causing leaks that may eventually damage the battery.

Keep your carts as far from the heat as possible and leave them in a colder place in the shade. For example, leaving your carts in your car on a hot day will certainly make them last shorter.

The UV Radiation

Just like heat, UC radiations from sunlight will eventually break down the THC molecules included in the cartridges making them expire more quickly. This will make them less potent and not pleasant to consume.

The Time Left Stored

The time you leave your Delta-8 carts away without consuming them is another factor. If you’re planning to buy them in bulk and consume them after a year or 2, you won’t get the best experience out of it.

The longer you keep them stored, the more they expire. We recommend buying fewer dosages and keep them store for a few months at most.


How to Understand if a Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge is Expired? Do carts expire?

Yes, and how can you understand they are indeed expired? Whether you

don’t store it properly or you haven’t used it in due time, there are several factors that will indicate if the Delta-8 THC cartridge is expired.

Change of Color

The color of Delta-8 is clear transparent and this is a good indication that the cart is still good. However, if you see a different color, it’s probably expired and we do not recommend hitting it.

While it will probably not be harmful, it will probably taste repugnant and most of its potency will be gone anyway.

The Cart Smells Strange

Another element to understand that the cart has expired is the smell. If you can smell anything apart from cannabis, the THC has probably degraded. The substance will smell rancid and, honestly, it most likely is.

Taste Isn’t the Same

Just like the smell, the taste of an expired Delta-8 THC cartridge is anything but pleasant and you’ll feel it immediately after hitting it.

The Cartridge is Weak

Last but not least, if your cart doesn’t smell nor taste strange (which we doubt), its potency will be very weak. If you consume and don’t experience any effects whatsoever, you know it’s probably expired.


Does Expired Delta-8 THC Make You Ill?

Delta-8 is a type of resin, and it will degrade over time. You should make sure to use your THC carts before they lose potency or spoil so that you can avoid an unpleasant experience.

While it depends on the oil that has expired, expired Delta-8 THC will likely not make you sick. In fact, only some types of oil and only when expired for a long time may get you sick.

But as a general rule of thumb, Delta-8 THC doesn’t make you sick. Worst case scenario, you won’t experience any effect at all and will be disappointed.

To make sure not to consume expired Delta-8 THC cartridges, make sure to follow the indications in this full guide and check the expiry date on the package. If it’s expired, simply throw it and get a new cart.


What Happens If I Consumed Spoiled Delta 8 THC?


When in need of a relaxed moment or when you’re a bit too nervous, we understand that you might want to consume the Delta-8 THC cart no matter what. However, if you do, what will happen to you?

We’ve already mentioned that it will most likely not get you sick. Well, for instance, spoiled meat or fish may get you into ICU for food poisoning, but THC will not. In fact, the worst that can happen if you consume spoiled Delta-8 THC is that you won’t feel anything - no higher energy nor calmness.

In plain words, if the Delta-8 cart is expired, there’s simply no reason to consume it since the taste is repulsive and you won’t get high nor energized.



Delta-8 THC carts have a shelf life of about 12 months from the date they are manufactured.

There's no need for concern if you've purchased one of these carts in advance or recently because it will be safe to use until its expiration date.
All things considered, yes, Delta-8 THC carts expire when stored for too long or are subject to continuous heat and UV radiations. In addition, they may smell and taste rancid as well as having a strange color other than clear.

In conclusion, store your carts in an airtight container, keep them away from sunlight, and don’t forget to write down the expiry date you’ll find on the package to consume them fresh.


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